All-boro Compactor

In our attempts to save our customers unnecessary cost and equipment breakdown, we are educating customers on:

  • Our New Schematic Design and Capabilities Program. We have learned that there are companies advising and pushing customers to unnecessarily replace their older machines with new and expensive ones. Their reason: they cannot repair the older machines without schematics. We don’t do that! We save our clients unnecessary expense by designing a new schematic for their older machine and then using it to rewire the machine. It works like a charm every time. This is basic engineering and a service we supply for our clients.


  • Knowing the Best Workhorse Machine. We educate our customers on the best model to buy when purchasing a new machine. There are certain machines that are dirt cheap to buy but when installed at the wrong location they are no better than the trash that they are designed to process. They can be a nightmare! Why? Because their purchasers were not informed. At All-Boro we will consult with each client, conduct a site-survey of the installation location, and match your location’s needs with the workload capabilities of your future machine. That way you’ll always be assured to have the best machine for your budget and circumstance.